Thursday, October 31, 2019

Plein Air Today - My "9 Suggestions for Beginning Artists" article published

Advice for the beginning artist - 

I am SO excited and honored! A little over a week ago, I decided to re-work the post I made in September with suggestions for beginning artists. I revised, edited, shortened the article and submitted it to Plein Air Today - an online newsletter - which is part of the Plein Air Magazine family. I emailed it to them late last Wednesday evening. Early the next morning I got a reply that they planned to use the article. Immediately.  At their request, I sent them a separate email with photos, captions, and some "about the writer" information. And just a week later, it was published! 

Click THIS LINK to go to my article in Plein Air Today. Enjoy - and share as much as possible.


  1. Thanks for posting this in Plein Air Today. Though I'm not exactly a beginning artist, your background (giving up through discouragement and resuming in retirement) and suggestions really resonated with me. My medium was watercolor rather than oils, but the gist is the same. I found an added incentive to keep learning (quickly) by offering to teach some of my neighbors even while I myself was still learning a lot of the basics (and they knew it). I was determined to stay at least a step ahead of them! Talk about vulnerability! :D

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! Offering to teach is a great way to improve one's own skills while helping others


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