Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sick Spells and Good Health

Our bad experiences in life provide good lessons. For the past two weeks I've been sick (nothing major) and have been taking necessary medication that makes me feel horrible. So I spent two weeks feeling nauseated and headachey and generally yukky. I holed up at home, for the most part, because I just didn't feel well enough to venture out. We live out in the country, and so I DID go outside and walk around in the woods a little bit each day.

Then Monday afternoon, I took the last of the medicine. I woke up yesterday feeling much better, and by lunchtime, it was like a new day had dawned. The lesson learned: Good health is a treasure. Do NOT take it for granted. Do what you need to do for good health. It was a lesson I already knew and have seen a few zillion memes about, but it was good to get a fresh reminder. Today I'm out walking up and down our hills to prepare for a hilly adventure in Italy in a few months.

And major kudos to Ron for good-naturedly putting up with my mopey behavior and handling most of the household responsibilities the past few weeks.

Note: And I realize that having only a couple weeks of feeling bad is wonderful compared to folks who have months and years of illness. And I realize that my piddly two weeks are nothing compared to what Lily has gone through. I'm just writing about my own experience.

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