Saturday, March 16, 2019

Almost ready for Italy

(March 16, 2019) I'm getting excited and nervous - our trip to Italy is almost here.  By tomorrow night when we go to bed, we should have our suitcases packed and by the door. Our flight leaves around lunchtime. We fly to Chicago first. Then mid afternoon we fly from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany - arriving early Tuesday morning. That flight is a little over 8 hours long. Then from Frankfurt to Florence, Italy - arriving around 9:30 a.m. their time. They're 6 hours ahead of us - so that's like arriving 3:30 a.m. our time.We will each check one bag, and then have a backpack as a carry-on. I will also have a small cross-body purse.

So here's how we've prepared:
  • We've got plenty of Euros.
  • We each have our passport, drivers license, international drivers permit, credit cards - and several copies of all of those.
  • I've got the bare minimum of art supplies so I can paint while there, and it all has the TSA labels to show that the paints, etc. are non-hazardous.
  • We each have 3 changes of clothes (washing machine there so we'll wash clothes a couple time during the 10 days we're there).
  • We each have a lightweight jacket packed.
  • We have any meds we might need - both our daily meds plus those we "might" need. Larisa told me to be sure and pack things like Benedryl, Pepto-Bismol, Aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, Zyrtec, Dramamine, and some general first aid stuff like bandaids, alcohol pads, Neosporin. 
  • Electronics - we have the outlet converter plus charging cords for phones, Apple Watch, cordless chargers, etc.  I think Ron has decided to take his iPad, too. I considered it, but then figured it would be just one more thing to keep up with. Anything electronic I need to do for those 10 days, I can do with my iPhone. We each have two cordless chargers (that are fully charged) for our backpacks.
  • I've downloaded books to my Audible app and my Kindle app - so I can entertain myself on the plane - and I think Ron has, too.
  • We have comfy pillows for sleeping on the plane
  • My toiletry bag is packed.  I completely emptied and then re-filled it with only the stuff I'd need for this particular trip
  • Marianne is keeping Cabbie at her house (I got Cabbie bathed and groomed yesterday), and then each day Marianne will come over to our house - pick up our mail and put it in the garage, feed & water Bonnie and Sky, feed & water the chickens, collect the chicken eggs.  We also have next door neighbors, Mikayla and Jim, who will come over as their schedule allows to play with Bonnie and Sky so they won't get too lonely.
  • We've gone through all papers, mail, and bills - and everything is paid and up-to-date.
So we are ready to go.

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