Thursday, October 31, 2019

Plein Air Today - My "9 Suggestions for Beginning Artists" article published

Advice for the beginning artist - 

I am SO excited and honored! A little over a week ago, I decided to re-work the post I made in September with suggestions for beginning artists. I revised, edited, shortened the article and submitted it to Plein Air Today - an online newsletter - which is part of the Plein Air Magazine family. I emailed it to them late last Wednesday evening. Early the next morning I got a reply that they planned to use the article. Immediately.  At their request, I sent them a separate email with photos, captions, and some "about the writer" information. And just a week later, it was published! 

Click THIS LINK to go to my article in Plein Air Today. Enjoy - and share as much as possible.

Friday, October 18, 2019

PAPSE Painters In Leiper's Fork - What a treat!

The Plein Air Painters of the Southeast have been in Leiper's Fork this past week, and we have had the honor of hosting three of them in our home:  Perry Austin and his wife, Carol, Jim Carson, and Kathie Odom and her husband, Buddy. It has been such an enjoyable week!

Although we've spent the week with well known artists, the first photos of the week are of my own painting when my friend, Sheryl, and I went out plein air painting on Wednesday. We drove to a farm that had this barn. I loved it and decided to paint it. However, I wanted the roof to show up more, and thus I used artistic license to make it a red roof instead of green.

This is a terrible photograph of my painting. I have no idea what the shadow is on top. I will photograph it again later and switch it out.  I'm not quite finished with this yet - but I like it so far.

Later that afternoon we drove to Radnor Lake and painted there. Here is the scene a chose to paint:

I am FAR from finished with this one - but I have the basics, although I definitely have to change that path!  I will post the finished painting in a few days. The shadows are what intrigued me, and I'm eager to get back to this painting and get those shadows looking right.

The best part of the week has not been MY painting, but the opportunity to be with so many wonderful artists and observe them painting. Our conversations have been so fascinating. I hate to see Kathie and Buddy go home tomorrow - and Jim go home on Sunday morning.

The photo below shows Kathie Odom in our driveway finishing up one of her paintings in preparation to take it to Leiper's Creek Gallery for the PAPSE On the Porch Wet Paint Show and Sale. Thursday was a busy morning as all three artists had to get their wet paintings ready to take to the Gallery for the show & sale.

This photo shows some of Kathie's paintings drying on a table outside our barn - waiting for Kathie's husband, Buddy, to frame them.

Our good friend, Perry Austin and his wife, Carol, got word around 4:00 a.m. on Thursday morning that their new granddaughter was about to be born. So Perry scurried around Thursday morning finishing up his paintings so he and Carol could get on the road to see that new grandbaby! Kathie and Buddy offered to handle Perry's framing, and when the show is over, I will pick up his paintings and keep them until I can get them back to Perry. They were on their way back home quickly - and later we got word that baby Mara was born - healthy and beautiful.

Here is Perry, working out of the back of his car finishing up his paintings.

And here are Perry and Carol Austin with Buddy and Kathie Odom right before Perry and Carol left to go see their new granddaughter.

Here's Jim Carson working on framing his paintings upstairs in my studio.

On Thursday night, we hosted a dinner for our artist guests, along with our friends, Troy and Sheryl, and their artist guests, David Boyd and Greg Barnes. My husband, Ron, asked us to go around the table and each person tell about their most meaningful painting. Wow! What wonderful and touching stories! There were more than a few tears which just goes to show how deeply art touches our souls. If you ever have the opportunity to talk with an artist, I can wholeheartedly recommend asking them to tell you about their most meaningful painting!

Thursday afternoon, Jim Carson offered to let me watch him paint as he talked about his process and answer questions. I learned so much! I'm sure I slowed him down with all my questions, but he was so open and helpful!

All "our artists" (as I call them) got their paintings to the gallery on time and in good shape. Here are Perry Austin's paintings hanging at the Leiper's Creek Gallery. You notice the bottom painting in this first photo already has a red dot sticker! As a matter of fact, all three of "my artists" had a painting sell today!

And here are Jim Carson's paintings at the Leiper's Creek Gallery's Wet Paint Show and Sale.

And here are Kathie Odom's! I believe Kathie sold a painting before I took this photo.

Friday morning, all the PAPSE artists plus some Chestnut Group members painted in Leiper's Fork. I started a painting but ended up needing to go home. So I wiped off the panel and will try again another day.

Here is Kathie Odom painting. I predict this painting will win an award. I loved it! One thing I noticed is how accomplished artists "see" paintings in ordinary things - not the obvious. Kathy's painting is of a small trailer.

Here is my friend, MaryO Smith painting in Leiper's Fork. MaryO was working with watercolors this time - beautiful work.

My friend, Sheryl, a Chestnut Group member, was also painting in Leiper's Fork. And that's Kathie in the background - and other artists across the street. It was fun to drive through town and see so many artists painting!

And Jim Carson completed another beautiful painting Friday morning in Leiper's Fork.

And here is the reason Perry and Carol Austin went home early. Grandma Carol Austin holding newborn Mara. Just look at that sweet face!

Such a wonderful week. We will be sad to see everyone else go home tomorrow and Sunday. It has been a great week with good friends and a lot of marvelous art!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It's "Finish Up" Time at the Beach

10//2/2019:  We are at the beach!  My husband is competing in a tournament, and I am at the rental condo - with nothing to do but enjoy the beach and paint. I am SO excited about the next few days and the opportunity to rest, relax, enjoy the beach, and paint! I brought along FIVE unfinished paintings from the workshops I attended in September. Yes, I have five unfinished paintings!  LOL! I got home from each workshop and basically crashed - was simply too artistically exhausted to work on the paintings at the time.  I like them and want to finish them . . . I think. We will see.

Below are the "before"photos of each painting along with the "after" photos.


After - Oil on 11x14 linen panel


After - Oil on 12x16 linen panel


After - Oil on 9x12 linen panel

And it was at this point, that our trip ended. So I finished three paintings while at the beach. I will finish the two paintings below at some other time.

And as far as the previous three that I "finished" - I still see changes I want to make on each one - and perhaps I will get around to that soon. Right now, though, I've really been thinking a lot about using cold wax medium again and doing some paintings that are more abstract.



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