Friday, May 21, 2021

Painting Water with Roger Dale Brown

I've limited myself to one art workshop per season, and I've narrowed down the list of artists that I will take classes from: Dawn Whitelaw, Roger Dale Brown, and Rachael McCampbell.  

During early spring, I took a series of weekend classes with Roger Dale Brown on painting water. These are three paintings I mostly completed in class and finished at home.

This was the painting that Roger demonstrated for us and then each of us painted it at our own easels. So it was a step by step effort.  

After finishing the class project, we each selected our own photo reference to paint reflections. I had shown Roger a stack of about 7-8 photos of water reflection, and he said this one was the only one that was a good composition. The others were pretty photos but there was no movement in the photo, I could see what he meant, but I'm still not completely clear on composition. This scene is from my brother's lake house in Alabama.  It's my favorite painting from the class.  Once I varnish it and frame it, I will give it to my brother and sister-in-law. 

We worked on running water and underwater rocks. The painting below is one I painted based on a photograph I took near my mother's house in Georgia, 

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