Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The First Step in Painting

What's the first step in painting? For me, it's deciding what to paint!  I really enjoy painting things/scenes that have special meaning to me. So today I took photos as I ran errands. Fortunately I live out in the country, and so when I saw a scene I thought might make a good painting, each time there was no car behind me, and so I was able to stop my car and take a photo.

Here are my five favorite photos from the today's excursion. What should I paint next?

This is a farm that actually is on Columbia Pike, but I took the photo from Coleman Road. I pass this just about every day - and often several times a day.

This barn with all those hay rolls can be seen from Coleman Road. It is within sight of the barn in the photo above. Again, I pass this all the time.

This is a farm just a little ways from our place on Carl Road. The only problem is that the barn is almost completed obscured by the trees. It is a long ways from the road - so I couldn't get a closer shot. 

This is Carl Road - our road.  This particular spot is so pretty year round with the trees lining the road, fields on both sides. One of the prettiest roads in Williamson County. So pretty that Miley Cyrus filmed one of her movies here - which was an interesting experience as a resident during that time.

This is the entrance to our property. I've painted the wildflowers and rock wall several times, but I thought a view from the other direction would be good - with the rock pillars and gate. This photo was taken from Carl Road.  My only issue with this photo is that the pillar on the left is in the shadow and can hardly be seen. If I painted this, I would move that shadow behind that pillar.

So, which photo should I should paint first? Which one do you think would make the best painting? Or should I chuck them all, and look for better scenes tomorrow?


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